Will the coronavirus affect ANYTOWN?

Will the coronavirus affect ANYTOWN?

March 13, 2020
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**Updated March 30, 2020**


We don’t yet know how the coronavirus may affect ANYTOWN. At this time, we have no plans to cancel or postpone ANYTOWN. NCCJ is committed to making ANYTOWN happen this summer, as long it’s healthy to do so (this could mean being flexible on dates, taking more safety precautions, etc.) We’ll keep you updated as we learn more in the coming weeks and months.


You can (and should!) feel confident in applying now for ANYTOWN 2020.


Should the situation change in the coming months, know that all ANYTOWN tuition payments will be fully refundable. This means:

  • If circumstances change and ANYTOWN is canceled or postponed, or if you make the decision not to send your student to ANYTOWN this summer, we will fully refund all payments.


  • Alternatively, if your student is eligible for ANYTOWN 2021, we can apply your payment and save your spot for next year – it’s your choice.


P.S. As always (thanks to our wonderful donors!) generous need-based tuition assistance for ANYTOWN is available to all applicants. Click here to learn more and apply for tuition assistance.


Questions or concerns? Email our director of administration, Alison Whitman Jones, or call 336-272-0359.