Coronavirus and NCCJ

We’re so glad you’re part of our community. We’re thinking about you and hoping you and your loved ones are safe and well.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented new and unexpected challenges for all of us. NCCJ remains focused on our mission and the work that we know is deeply important to you: fighting bias, bigotry and racism; honoring diversity and promoting inclusion; and convening respectful community conversations. To continue serving our community (you!) and reach you where you are, we’ve adapted many of our in-school and workplace programs for virtual delivery.

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Is NCCJ open?

Yes! All staff members are working remotely and can be reached directly via email and phone.

What is the status of ANYTOWN?

**Updated March 12, 2021**

ANYTOWN is not designed for physical distancing. It’s an immersive, residential program that gathers a big group of high school students, peer counselors and adult advisors to spend a week living in close quarters.

We know it’s hard not to know what’s happening this summer, but we simply don’t know if we’ll be able to convene ANYTOWN in summer 2021. Like you, we’re watching the news and listening to public health updates. While we are cautiously optimistic to see the COVID-19 infection rates slowly decline and the vaccination rates steadily increase, we don’t yet have enough information to make a decision about ANYTOWN.

We can promise that NCCJ will convene ANYTOWN 2021 only if we can do so under circumstances that will ensure the safety and wellbeing of our student delegates, our volunteers, and our staff.

Meanwhile, we have a “just in case” option for alternative summer programming. It’s called STARR: Students Talking About Race + Racism, and it’s a 3-day hybrid program (partly virtual, partly in-person but physically distanced) for high school students that we developed and piloted in July 202o (click here for a description of that first STARR session.) STARR is now part of NCCJ’s regular youth program offerings, so if we are unable to convene ANYTOWN we will work with students and families of prospective ANYTOWNers to get them into a STARR session.

In short, while we don’t yet know what this summer will look like, we can promise that NCCJ will be convening young people through meaningful programs that build community and foster respectful conversations across lines of difference like race, religion, and gender. Fill out this ANYTOWN Interest Form and we’ll keep you up-to-date about plans for ANYTOWN 2021 and NCCJ’s summertime youth programming.

Questions or concerns? Email director of administration Alison Whitman Jones, or call 336-272-0359 x 130.

Can programs still be scheduled at this time?

Absolutely! NCCJ has programs on the calendar, and our team is happy to work with you to schedule a program for your institution. Contact executive director Ivan Canada to request a program.

Is it possible to transition my program to a virtual option?

We are considering such requests on a case-by-case basis. Some NCCJ programs can be more easily adapted to an online platform than others, and we want to maintain the quality and integrity of our work. Contact your NCCJ staff liason (don’t know who that is? Email us at to explore this possibility.

Does NCCJ still need my support?

Yes, definitely! While this moment presents new and unexpected challenges, NCCJ remains committed to our important mission of building more inclusive and respectful communities and fighting bias, bigotry and racism in all their forms. In particular, we stand with members of the Asian community who have faced increased marginalization and bigoted language. It is going to take ALL of us to get through this crisis, and we call upon leaders to model inclusive practices that do not unfairly or unjustly target others.

We also recognize that this moment amplifies long-standing inequities along lines of race, socio-economic status, and ability status. Even when we are not experiencing an emergency of this kind, it is clear that a person’s identity all-too-often influences their access, opportunity, and outcomes. NCCJ is committed to working ever more vigilantly to eliminate these injustices, and we look forward to partnering with all our neighbors to advance a more equitable, inclusive, and successful community.

If you can, please consider making a tax-deductible gift to support NCCJ’s work (click here.)

How can I stay connected to NCCJ?

The best way to receive regular NCCJ updates is through our monthly e-newsletter (sign up at the bottom of this page) or through social media. We have an active presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Resources for Parents & Guardians

Parents and Guardians: Facing an unprecedented, once-in-100-years pandemic, waves of unemployment, and the disruption of every system we have relied on to structure our lives, you’ve done what you always do when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds: adapted, regrouped, and pressed on. Have there been a few bumps and snags? Yes. Do we have all the answers? No, but do we ever?

As we continue to adapt to the world as it is, here are a few things that have helped us – and which we hope will help you – adjust to these unfamiliar circumstances:



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