When we find our voices, we find each other.

We create respectful, compassionate spaces where people can let down their guard, engage in honest communication, face difficult issues and ask tough questions — together. These kinds of interactions help people move toward more meaningful and constructive experiences. We know this because we see it happen every day.

Through programming that creates a safe, equitable and compassionate environment, our participants gain a clearer understanding of self and become better prepared for genuine, thoughtful interaction with others.


How can we help your group move forward?

Helping our community wrestle with important issues in a fair, effective way is our passion and our commitment. What barriers does your group want to overcome? What conversations do you want to have?

Six ways we spark life-changing conversations


We create equitable, compassionate environments.

We assemble a diverse group, and then set ground rules or “norms” — operating assumptions on which everyone can agree. Approaching the rest of the program from this shared standpoint, we all agree to be responsible for what we say and how we say it.


We meet people where they are.

We can’t bridge the gap without real dialogue — conversations where all viewpoints are welcomed, even those that might be hard to hear. We listen rather than judge, and open our eyes rather than shutting out different perspectives. Our facilitators create a welcoming environment for questions and opinions, emphasizing that it’s always okay to “not know” and that none of us can be articulate all the time.


We lift people up rather than taking sides.

We operate from a place of respect and empathy for everyone and all points of view. We oppose any attack on the rights or humanity of others. We seek to uphold the dignity and value of all people.


We’re partners in the journey.

NCCJ facilitators are fully engaged in the programs we create. We act as partners in the journey, digging into ideas and conversations along with our participants. By the end of our time together, the shift in awareness and understanding is not only inspiring — it’s real enough to see and feel.


We create programming with participants, responding to what is most relevant to you.

Schools, businesses, and community and church groups all face different challenges. Every organization is unique. That’s why we offer custom programming designed in collaboration with you. It’s the best way to ensure that your needs are met so that you can move forward to the next level of collaboration, productivity, and impact.


We provide the knowledge and tools you need to move to a place where you can make a bigger impact.

We take a “head, heart, hand” approach by starting conversations from an educational perspective, first asking — what is the issue or topic at hand and what can we learn from each other to advance our understanding? Then, how does our new understanding affect the way we interact with others? And finally, how can we move to a positive and constructive place of action?