Reflections on 85 Years of NCCJ

NCCJ’s history shows us that we can turn the tide away from hate and toward tolerance and compassion. We know we can – we’ve done it before.

Our 2022 Citation Award honorees

NCCJ will honor community leaders Addy & Paul Jeffrey and Linda & Tom Sloan with the Citation Award on November 9.

We mourn and celebrate Nora Carr

We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Dr. Nora Carr. Nora was our loyal and beloved friend, supportive mentor, and an extraordinary champion and leader for inclusion, equity and justice.

New Name, Same NCCJ

NCCJ is now short for “North Carolina for Community and Justice.” We’re still the same NCCJ; our new name is simply more accurate.

Anytown alumni just raised $25K for Anytown

In June 2022, Anytown alumni raised $25,000 for NCCJ’s flagship youth program. That’s enough to fully fund 20 Anytown scholarships.

NCCJ stands in support of reproductive rights

We stand with women and all people who can become pregnant in support of their rights to reproductive healthcare.

Be someone’s Mrs. Atkinson today

Today, I went to see Mrs. Gwen Atkinson at The Academy at Smith to hand her some Anytown applications for her students. Once I got there, she began to call student after student to come grab one. As I listened to her explain to them what Anytown is and why they need to go, I fought back my own emotions.

The Buffalo shooting is a tragedy. But it’s not a surprise.

This shooting is a painful reminder that white supremacy is dangerous and often lethal. It is a toxic belief system that dehumanizes Black people and other people of color. White supremacy hurts everyone. There are no victors; there are only victims.

Meet these 7 champions of diversity, equity and inclusion

These folks are working to advance diversity, inclusion and equity in a variety of ways within their workplaces.

Lt. Gov. Robinson also serves LGBTQ+ North Carolinians

Lt. Gov. Robinson’s homophobic and transphobic remarks are hurtful and discriminatory to LGBTQ+ people, their friends and loved ones.