Join us for The 8:46 Series

Join us for The 856 Series for an in-depth look at systemic racism. It will take a sustained, collective effort across all sectors to create real change.

Community Leader Spotlight: John Cross

“If people can invite others to follow these practices, or teach their children these practices, the future for civil dialogue and developing solutions to difficult problems will be brighter.”

Community Leader Spotlight: Mona Edwards

“My advice is to begin – to just do it – and engage in this way. Engaging one conversation at a time can make practicing become a habit.”

Decolonizing History in the Classroom: Thoughts and Resources

To understand the problem with a one-sided history and its implications, let’s take a moment to travel to our childhoods.

Meet an ANYTOWNer: Malachi McMillan

Malachi McMillan went to ANYTOWN in 2019. He just graduated from Southwest Guilford High School and will attend UNC-Charlotte in the fall of 2021. Here’s what Malachi had to say about ANYTOWN and how it shaped his senior year and college plans.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. Ahmaud Arbery. We speak their names. We are outraged and grieving for them. To those who are hurting, who are raising your voices in protest and actively fighting back against oppression: we see and support you. Black Lives Matter. Today and every day. 

Open Minds, Respectful Voices: Why it’s important to sign your name

If we can’t talk to each other with civility and respect, we won’t be able to find the common ground we need to live and work together. Here’s why we’re asking you to sign your name to the community practices in NCCJ’s new Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative.

What would a response to COVID-19 that centers inclusion and equity look like?

COVID-19 isn’t affecting everyone equally. We must work together to achieve a comprehensive, inclusive, and equitable response that addresses the root causes of these inequities and engages those who are most impacted.

Dear María: Letter to My 17-Year-Old Self

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? What about your past self? From the vantage point of 27, NCCJ’s program manager María Perdomo reminisces and shares some advice with her teenage self.

Maintaining and Sustaining Compassionate Community from Home

This pandemic has shifted our lives, but it shouldn’t stop us from connecting with each other and building more compassionate communities. Check out our new 3-part virtual community program series for ways to keep doing this work from home.