29-Day Reset: A Social Justice Journey

NCCJ’s 29-Day Reset is an initiative to encourage you to make time and space for learning, unlearning, and rediscovering more effective social justice habits – including self-care and reflection.   For 29 days beginning January 15, 2021, NCCJ’s program manager María Perdomo will email you a daily task each morning, Monday through Friday. (No emails […]

Celebrating Dr. King’s (Non-Whitewashed) Legacy

On Monday, January 18, 2021, we will celebrate the great Civil Rights Movement leader and activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For many of us, it’s a “day off.” NCCJ encourages you to also make it a “day on” – and dig deeper to learn more about Dr. King’s work and legacy.

This Was an Outrage – and There’s Work To Be Done.

Racism is systemic and apparent at every level of our government. It must be addressed NOW. This is the time. There is so much at stake – up to and including the very fabric of our democracy.

Representation Matters: You Can’t Be What You Can’t See

In many ways, social justice is a matter of fairness. It’s a matter of each and every member of a community being seen, heard, and represented in equal measure. To quote Aisha Thomas, “until society represents everyone, the questions will always be: ‘where do I belong?’, ‘do I belong?’” Representation matters in conversations about social […]

Remembering George Johnson

George R. Johnson, NCCJ’s board chair, died on Sunday, November 15, after a long battle with cancer. We mourn our dear friend, cherishing his memory and celebrating his remarkable legacy. George and his wife Linda have long been close friends and supporters to NCCJ. George has been a member of our board of directors since […]

Community Practices to Bridge the Divide

Divisions created by races up and down the ballot won’t just disappear after the polls close. Rebuilding our community will take all of us.

Community Leader Spotlight: Denny and Lou

“We can’t fix problems if we don’t understand them,” say Denny and Lou of Bouvier Kelly. “The more people who commit to these five community practices, the better we will understand where our neighbors are coming from and how to support and respect each other.”

Your Vote Matters: A Message from José

José F. Oliva (ANYTOWN 2011) has a message to share about why your vote matters and how you can help other North Carolinians exercise their right to vote, too.

Practicing Open Minds, Respectful Voices

If we can’t talk to each other with civility and respect, we won’t be able to find the common ground we need to live and work together. Join us on October 20 or 21 to put Open Minds, Respectful Voices into practice.

The Citation Award Dinner Goes Virtual

Join us VIRTUALLY on November 11 to honor Mary Humphrey Kendrick and Rev. Dr. Frank K. Thomas and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion in the Triad.