Will the coronavirus affect ANYTOWN?

**Updated March 30, 2020** NCCJ is committed to making ANYTOWN happen this summer, as long it’s healthy to do so. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more in the coming weeks and months.

Greensboro Interfaith Tour

NCCJ’s annual Greensboro Interfaith Tour will take place on February 23, 2020. We invite you to join us for this afternoon of community building and honest interfaith dialogue.

Meet an ANYTOWNer: Hilda Tajalli

Hilda says ANYTOWN helped her develop into a strong leader, advocate, ally, and community member. She’s dedicated to giving back to the Triad community.

Meet an ANYTOWNer: Joe Bryant II

ANYTOWN got Joe interested in inclusion and diversity work when he was in high school. Today he helps promote and provide equity in corporate America.

Meet an ANYTOWN advisor: Jasmine Pearson

As a counselor at Grimsley High School, Jasmine sees firsthand the impact that ANYTOWN graduates have on Grimsley’s school climate.

Meet an ANYTOWN advisor: Mike Marshall

Mike shares how lessons and skills learned at ANYTOWN have impacted him and the students he serves at Northwest Guilford High School.

ANYTOWNers Standing Up Against Hate

When Westboro Baptist Church came to picket their school, ANYTOWNers at High Point Central High School organized a counter-protest of love and affirmation.

7 Tips for Holiday Table Talks

You can create connection, compassion and community around your holiday table. Here’s how.

YOU Matter: 5 Tips for Self-Care

5 self-care strategies to help you avoid burnout while pursuing the rewarding but often challenging work of building more respectful, inclusive communities.

NCCJ Interfaith Calendars

Planning an event or scheduling a big meeting? Make your events more inclusive with a little help from NCCJ’s Interfaith Calendars.