Your time is a gift that can change the world.

Whether it’s a few days a year or a few hours a week, volunteering is a great way to connect with NCCJ, participate in our work, and make a difference in our community.

We have volunteer opportunities throughout the year, from helping prepare mailings for our supporters to making big programs and events like the Interfaith Tour, the Youth Leadership Conference, ANYTOWN, and the Citation Award Dinner run smoothly.

Our Volunteers

We’re grateful for the volunteers who work with us throughout the year. From facilitating discussion groups to stuffing envelopes, their work is critical to programs like ANYTOWN and events like the Citation Award Dinner.

ANYTOWN Volunteer Staff 2019

Ismael Amparo
Alex Anton
Lucia Aragon
Corey Arvinger
Joe Bryant II
Rebecca Chabrow
Joshua Cook
Hannah Davis
Michael Dawson
Jasmine Dulin
Brett Elliott
Caroline Farrell
Kathryn Fisher

Ivey Ghee
Kelly Graven
Galissi Graves
Persha Lane
Matt Lee
Andres Lopez
Christopher Love
Zak Luck
Michael Marshall
Ketsia Masse
Shane Miller
Marissa Milstein
Ron Milstein

Savannah Newton
Faiza Ohag
Marwa Ohag
Erin Orr
Roshni Panwala
Jennifer Patino-Perez
Jasmine Pearson
Traci Poole
Tanner Randles
Cassiopeia Reid
James Reid
Saul Rodriguez
Sasha Ross

Nelly Sanchez-Peralta
Ron Schappinger
Karen Shearer
Brandon Slade
Kristen Starks
Sam Swindell
Hilda Tajalli
Jorelle Trinity
Abigail Ward
Nitzan Wasserberg
Sean White
Zachary White
Rachel Young

Other 2019 Volunteers

ANYTOWN Ambassadors*
Denise Berger
Gwen Brincefield
Marchelle Cabbagestalk
Aaron Copeland
Alice Franks
Dramaine Freeman
Nathan Goodman
Sanchitha Gopal

Brandon Lindsay
Victoria Martin
Jamarion McQueen
Peter Peiffer
Maria Perdomo
Mildred Poole
Annmarie Rapach
Malik Scott
Louise Skillman

Tamara Slaughter
Noddia Suddreth
Savanna Tandksi
Lisa Underwood
Mary Lou Williams
Zharia Winters
Barbara Wrenn
Sasha Wright

*Graduates of ANYTOWN who are still in high school