Session I: June 16 – 21, 2024

Session II: July 14 – 19, 2024

Anytown is a youth leadership and human relations program for teens. It gathers diverse groups of high school students to spend a week learning how to build an inclusive community. Anytown is a welcoming space where students can express themselves, share their experiences and perspectives, gain resilience, and build each other up.

Together, they tackle tough topics like race, religion, gender, and other aspects of identity. They practice communicating respectfully, learning to appreciate differences and find common ground. Then they take what they’ve learned back home, ready to make an impact in their schools and everywhere they go.

Anytown tuition is $600, plus a $50 application fee.

Need full or partial tuition assistance? Tell us in your application. Thanks to a community of generous donors, money is never a barrier to attending Anytown.

Make a difference you can see.

Apply now to be an adult advisor or peer counselor on the Anytown volunteer staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anytown?

Anytown is a week-long human relations and leadership development program for rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Click here for more details.

Why should I go to Anytown?

Anytown is an incredible opportunity to meet other students from our community. You’ll learn how you can create positive change and build more inclusive communities. You’ll also earn 40 service learning hours for the week at Anytown.

What happens at Anytown?

Anytown is a week-long human relations and leadership development program for rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

How much does Anytown cost?

Anytown tuition and fees are $650. However, family income is never a barrier for a student who wants to attend Anytown. We offer generous tuition assistance. Just let us know how much funding you need (up to full scholarship) when you apply.

Who is on staff at Anytown?

There are 12 peer counselors (college-aged students who went to Anytown in high school), with one assigned to each cabin. Ten or more adult advisors stay in nearby cabins. The advisor staff includes a medical professional and a mental health professional. In addition, two adult co-directors oversee the entire week of Anytown. All staff receive extensive training and must pass a background check before coming to Anytown.

How many people go to Anytown?

About 68 delegates (high school students) attend each session. These delegates are diverse in race, culture, religion, gender, school, and socio-economic background.

What do I need to bring?

We’ll provide a packing list once a delegate is accepted to attend Anytown.

Do I need to bring any money?

Everyone gets three big meals and two snacks per day. Snacks are also available for purchase during free time in the afternoon. Most students bring about $5 – $8 for these snacks. Anytown sweatshirts are available for $25.

Do delegates need to bring a pillow, sleeping bag, towels, etc.?

No. Everyone sleeps in cabins which have bunk beds with sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels furnished. (But if you prefer your own pillow or want large towels, feel free to bring those.)

Will the delegates be spending a lot of time outside?

We’ll be in the mountains, but most of our time will be spent inside. There will be free time every day where delegates can be outside. Unlike other camps, there are no strenuous activities such as hikes, runs, swimming, etc.

Why aren’t cell phones allowed?

One of Anytown’s primary goals is to build a community through group interaction. Cell phones are a distraction, and we don’t want the disruption and isolation from the group that cell phones can bring.

Are there any other things that aren’t allowed?

We do not allow weapons, tobacco products, alcohol or other drugs at Anytown.  In addition, we do not permit cell phones, tablets or iPads, or other electronic devices. These items are distracting and cause some people to isolate themselves from the rest of the group.

Will delegates be able to talk with their families while they are at Anytown?

No. Delegates are not allowed to bring a cell phone. Designated Anytown staff members will have cell phones for emergencies.

What if parents/guardians must reach their student for an emergency?

Parents/guardians can reach the NCCJ staff at Anytown in case of an emergency. Students will not call home to let you know that they have arrived safely, but NCCJ will send out text updates to parents and guardians to let you know when delegates have arrived, as well as check-ins throughout the week and once students have departed. You are welcome to call NCCJ and check our Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and photos. Families are also encouraged to write letters to their students. Once your delegate has been accepted at attend Anytown, we’ll provide you with the mailing address, emergency phone number, and a number to call for Anytown emergencies.

What if a student is taking prescription medicine?

One adult advisor at each session of Anytown is a medical professional (nurse or paramedic) who will speak with the student about any health issues and their medication schedule at the beginning of Anytown. They will decide together if the student will keep the medicine or if the medical advisor will keep it for them. All medical information is kept confidential. Have the medication ready to present at check-in before boarding the bus.

Do I need a vaccine or COVID-19 test to come to Anytown?

Because our top priority is the health and wellbeing of our student delegates (program participants), volunteers and staff, we strongly recommend that all teens applying for Anytown be fully vaccinated (including up-to-date boosters).

Regardless of vaccination status, all student delegates must take a rapid test within 24 hours prior to the first day of the Anytown session that they plan to attend.  If a delegate tests positive that day, they will not be able to attend and we will refund all money or credit it towards a future Anytown program.

These recommendations and requirements are based on guidance from local healthcare professionals. If that guidance changes in the coming weeks or months, we may update our requirements.

Questions or concerns? Email Kelly Dawson, or call 336-272-0359 x 210.

Anytown Staff

Make a difference you can see.

Anytown volunteer staff (adult advisors and peer counselors) are a dedicated group of community leaders committed to building inclusive communities. They work with NCCJ staff to make sure every session of Anytown is a positive and eye-opening experience for our high school delegates. 

All staff members undergo a thorough background check and receive extensive training. Each session of Anytown is staffed with a medical and mental health professional. Employees of Guilford County Schools will receive 5.6 CEUs for serving as Anytown staff.