Community Programs

Community programs that bring us all together

We work alongside our community members to tackle tough issues and foster positive change. NCCJ’s community programs create opportunities for dialogue between diverse groups and inform the broader community about our work and our mission to fight bias, bigotry, and racism and build a more just and compassionate community.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtually all of NCCJ’s programming is now happening online. Keep scrolling for recordings of some past programs, and know that we are working to make more of our community programming accessible for you to watch at your convenience.

The 8:46 Series:

From Diversity and Inclusion to Racial Equity

In August 2020, NCCJ partnered with the YMCA of Greensboro to launch a new community initiative called The 8:46 Series to educate and equip the community with a foundational understanding of the issue of systemic racism. The first phase of this initiative reached more than 900 community and business leaders. (Click here to learn more.)

In January 2021, we launched the second phase – a new, free webinar series throughout 2021 for those who wish to cultivate a more racially inclusive environment at their workplaces. The first offering in this second phase is this 90-minute panel discussion (recorded and available for you to watch, at left) that took place on January 12, 2021. It explores diverse racial equity journeys, personal growth strategies, vulnerabilities and ways to work together. By starting with this understanding, we can unlock transformative change.

Moderated by Brent Christensen, President & CEO of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, this discussion features the following panelists:

  • Kiva Elliott, VP, Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Cone Health. Click for bio.
  • Effie McMillian, Executive Director of Equity, Access, and Acceleration, Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. Click for bio.
  • Calandra Walker Jarrell, Senior Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion Executive at Bank of America. Click for bio.

Part 1. Your Brain on Uncertainty: Why Checking Bias is Still Important in Times of Crisis (Recorded April 21, 2020)

In this program, we focus on how our brains help us process uncertainty, how that activates our biases and how we can slow down, process what is happening, and make decisions that align our practices with our values.

Part 2. The Power of Language: Standing By What You Say in Tough Times (Recorded April 28, 2020)

In times of uncertainty, our brain references past experiences to help us make sense of the world. Language gives humans the unique ability to collect experiences and pass them down through generations for the benefit and knowledge of others. This program explores the power of language; how its basis as an evolutionary trait means language is closely tied to how we think and feel; how our language impacts our actions, especially in times when the threat of disease is imminent; how language can fuel our biases; and ways that we can be mindful of the language we use to help us avoid “personal mission drift.”

Part 3. Developing Our Moral Imagination: Learning from the Past to Envision the Future (Recorded May 5, 2020)

This program has us learning from people that have experienced long term confinement. By reflecting on times where the future felt frightening or uncertain, we can gain insight about how we might maintain the hope necessary to foster and envision compassionate and innovative solutions to our communities’ social challenges.