Community Programs

Community programs that bring us all together

NCCJ’s community programs create opportunities for dialogue between diverse groups. They’re for everyone, because everyone has an important role to play in fighting bias, bigotry, and racism and building a more just and compassionate community.

The Reset

The Reset encourages you to make time and space for learning, unlearning, and discovering more effective social justice habits. It is a FREE self-paced, email-based program. You can do it whenever, wherever!

After you sign up, we will send you daily emails (with some breaks in between) for 2 weeks. Each day has a different focus and includes a few curated resources (podcasts, articles, videos, etc.) on about a topic chosen by our Youth Ambassadors. (Ambassadors are teen graduates of NCCJ programs like Anytown and STARR who care about building a community that’s more inclusive for all of us – not just some of us.)

Open Minds, Respectful Voices

To build a future where every community is a place of promise with opportunity and justice for all, we must all learn to engage with each other with civility and respect. That’s why NCCJ’s board of directors (a diverse group of people from across our community) invites you to join us in an initiative called Open Minds, Respectful Voices. It’s a set of 5 Community Practices that represent a commitment to engaging in more respectful dialogue and actively listening to understand others’ perspectives.

Logo for NCCJ Interfaith Calendar with bluish-green colors, symbols, and text.

Interfaith Calendars

It can be difficult enough to stay on top of your own calendar, let alone keep track of other people’s plans. That’s why NCCJ creates these Interfaith Calendars each year. We hope you’ll find these a useful resource when you’re planning events or scheduling meetings. Selecting an inclusive date helps ensure that your event is welcoming for everyone. It helps your friends, colleagues and neighbors feel more comfortable being their whole selves.

Note: We want these calendars to be as accurate and inclusive as possible. If you spot an error or oversight, please let us know!