Join us for The 8:46 Series

Join us for The 8:46 Series

July 29, 2020
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The phrase “systemic racism” is all over the news and social media right now. But to truly understand this concept and how it operates in our day-to-day lives, we have to go beyond headlines and soundbites. That’s where The 8:46 Series comes into play.

It will take a sustained, collective effort across all sectors of our society to create real change.

Inspired by the recent tragic events that have launched a worldwide movement, we are partnering with the YMCA of Greensboro to launch a community initiative called The 8:46 Series. We named the series in reference to the eight minutes and forty-six seconds when George Floyd’s life was taken. In partnership with The Partnership Project, Inc. and the Racial Equity Institute, The 8:46 Series will educate and equip the community with a foundational understanding of the issue of systemic racism.

We aim to reach a minimum of 846 community members and hope to stem future collaboration of like-minded people and organizations working toward meaningful change in our community.

The 8:46 Series leverages the Racial Equity Institute’s “Groundwater Approach” as the platform for a 3-hour webinar. REI uses the Groundwater metaphor  to help the community internalize the reality that we live in a racially structured society and understand that to solve these “groundwater” challenges, we need to develop “groundwater” solutions.

The first session in The 8:46 Series is scheduled for August 19 at 1 PM. Participants can choose one of 5 virtual webinar sessions. We encourage you to register now to reserve your place (because each session has a maximum of 150 participants.) After the webinar, we will provide you with some opportunities for action.

The cost is $40 per participant. Click here to apply for a scholarship to help with this fee.

Current sponsors include our Change Agent Sponsors: Liberty Hardware, SJ Edwards Foundation, and United Healthcare; and our Empowering Sponsors: Weaver Foundation, Kontoor Brands, Women’s Professional Forum Foundation; First Bank; Cone Health Foundation; Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro; American National Bank & Trust; BB&T & SunTrust (now Truist), and Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine.  The organizers are also seeking additional sponsors to help provide scholarships. (If that’s you, email Erika at NCCJ!)

Register Today:

  1. August 19th at 1 PM – Register here!
  2. August 23rd at 3 PM – Register here!
  3. September 2nd at 9 AM – Register here!
  4. September 16th at 9 AM – Register here!
  5. September 21st at 9 AM – Register here!