Join us for The 8:46 Series

Join us for The 8:46 Series

July 29, 2020
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An image with a black background and white text that states, "The 8:46 Series. It will take a sustained, collective effort to create real change."

The phrase “systemic racism” is all over the news and social media right now. But to truly understand this concept and how it operates in our day-to-day lives, we have to go beyond headlines and soundbites. That’s where The 8:46 Series comes into play.

It will take a sustained, collective effort across all sectors of our society to create real change.

Inspired by the recent tragic events that have launched a worldwide movement, we are partnering with the YMCA of Greensboro to launch a community initiative called The 8:46 Series. We named the series in reference to the eight minutes and forty-six seconds when George Floyd’s life was taken. In partnership with The Partnership Project, Inc. and the Racial Equity Institute, The 8:46 Series will educate and equip the community with a foundational understanding of the issue of systemic racism.

We aim to reach a minimum of 846 community members and hope to stem future collaboration of like-minded people and organizations working toward meaningful change in our community.

The 8:46 Series leverages the Racial Equity Institute’s “Groundwater Approach” as the platform for a 3-hour webinar. REI uses the Groundwater metaphor  to help the community internalize the reality that we live in a racially structured society and understand that to solve these “groundwater” challenges, we need to develop “groundwater” solutions.

The first session in The 8:46 Series is scheduled for August 19 at 1 PM. Participants can choose one of 5 virtual webinar sessions. We encourage you to register now to reserve your place (because each session has a maximum of 150 participants.) After the webinar, we will provide you with some opportunities for action.

The cost is $40 per participant. Click here to apply for a scholarship to help with this fee.

Current sponsors include our Change Agent Sponsors: Liberty Hardware, SJ Edwards Foundation, and United Healthcare; and our Empowering Sponsors: Weaver Foundation, Kontoor Brands, Women’s Professional Forum Foundation; First Bank; Cone Health Foundation; Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro; American National Bank & Trust; BB&T & SunTrust (now Truist), and Triad Adult & Pediatric Medicine.  The organizers are also seeking additional sponsors to help provide scholarships. (If that’s you, email Erika at NCCJ!)

Register Today:

  1. August 19th at 1 PM – Register here!
  2. August 23rd at 3 PM – Register here!
  3. September 2nd at 9 AM – Register here!
  4. September 16th at 9 AM – Register here!
  5. September 21st at 9 AM – Register here!