Community Practices to Bridge the Divide

Community Practices to Bridge the Divide

November 3, 2020
Category: Open Minds Respectful Voices
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A graphic of two women and two men with conversational bubbles above their heads.

NCCJ launched our Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative in anticipation of this election.


Open Minds, Respectful Voices asks each of us to make a pledge to ourselves that we will practice kindness, civility and respect; listen and speak with empathy; and find ways of bringing people with different opinions together to find common ground. It asks each of us to model these behaviors in our public and private lives.


Open Minds, Respectful Voices recognizes that none of us is perfect. We know we can’t all live up to these ideals every moment of every day. But we think it’s worth a shot. By practicing these actions, we can be better for ourselves and each other.


Right now, in the midst of the most divisive election any of us can remember, we need these practices more than ever. The deep divisions created by races up and down the ballot didn’t happen overnight. They won’t just disappear after the polls close tonight, or after the ballots are counted, or after elected leaders are sworn in.


No, these divisions will continue to deepen unless we take decisive action. Rebuilding our community, one relationship at a time, will take time and effort. And it will take all of us.


NCCJ works to build communities free of bias, bigotry and racism by promoting understanding and respect among people of all cultures, races and religions. We believe these practices are powerful tools to help bridge the divide and build the kind of community we all deserve to call home.


Learn more about Open Minds, Respectful Voices here and add your name to this community of practice. Let’s stand together to build a collective resiliency through compassion, empathy and kindness. We can take care of each other and build a community with opportunity and justice for all.


What you do in these coming days matters. Practice with us.