8 Ways to Support Young Leaders in Your Life

8 Ways to Support Young Leaders in Your Life

May 28, 2019
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A group of multiracial youth students gathered together smiling in a group sitting on the floor doing crafts.

Investing in young people plants the seeds for a brighter future. Today’s young people are the leaders of tomorrow. They’re the ones who will guide and shape our community in the years to come. Young people don’t have to wait to be leaders; they can lead right now, at school and in their communities.

Here are 8 ways you can support the young leaders in your life:

  1.  See them for who they are. Treat them as individuals and take the time to get to know them and form meaningful relationships. 
  2.  Show them they have value and deserve respect.Listen to their thoughts and feelings. 
  3.  Engage with them in genuine ways.Ask questions about their life experiences and help them challenge their assumptions and make connections between systems, ideas, and events. 
  4.  Take them seriously.Be open to their ideas and concerns. Help direct their energy by encouraging them to take positive actions to bring about the changes they want to see. 
  5.  Don’t expect more from them than you would from another adult. That said, don’t excuse all indiscretions or errors in judgment just because they’re young. 
  6.  Be careful about interrupting. Young people can be easily discouraged.  
  7.  Don’t move too fast.Remember – this is all new for young people! 
  8.  Connect them with other adults who can help. You know a broad network of people in different fields who may be able to help a young person gain the knowledge, access, or experience they need to achieve their goals. Make the connection by introducing young people to your peers and colleagues as appropriate. 

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