YOU Matter: 5 Tips for Self-Care

YOU Matter: 5 Tips for Self-Care

November 21, 2019
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A white cup with black text with light blue at the bottom stating, "You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first."

When we speak about social justice, we often talk about the many ways we can act and interact with one another to create more inclusive communities. However, we don’t always talk about the fact that we also need to take care of ourselves.

With that in mind, here are 5 self-care strategies (adapted from Kathy O’Bear) that can help you avoid burnout while you pursue the rewarding but often challenging work of building more respectful, inclusive communities.

  1. Create better balance in your physical health. Daily exercise can help you physically and mentally, boosting your mood and reducing stress and anxiety. You can rejuvenate yourself rapidly, and boost your energy and stamina.
  2. Practice awareness.Know your triggers. Have you noticed how much less effective you are when you come from a place of ego – of resentment or fear – versus when you feel grounded and centered?
  3. Have the courage to say “no.”No one can really do all and be all, and that’s why setting boundaries is key. Learning to say no is really hard; many of us feel obligated to say yes when someone asks for our time or energy. However, if you’re already stressed or overworked, saying yes to loved ones or coworkers can lead to burnout, anxiety, and irritability.
  4. Assess your values.Find ways to show up that are consistent with your values. In other words, find ways to stay true to who you are.
  5. Find your power in vulnerability. We know you’re wonderful and passionate about creating positive change, but you’re also human. It’s OK to ask for help, to take some downtime…to make time for YOU. That’s what self-care is all about.