Meet an ANYTOWNer: Hilda Tajalli

Meet an ANYTOWNer: Hilda Tajalli

December 17, 2019
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Meet Hilda

Hilda went to ANYTOWN in 2009. These days, she’s a commercial real estate broker with Brown Investment Properties.

How did you find out about ANYTOWN?

My very close family friend (and doppelgänger), Sam Alinaghi Boatwright, introduced me to ANYTOWN and I’m forever grateful.

How did ANYTOWN shape your high school experience?

ANYTOWN gave me the confidence to share my story and truly shaped who I’ve become today. After ANYTOWN, I helped organize ANYDAYs at Northwest Guilford High and continued to advocate for diversity, inclusion and unity with a mission of building a community of acceptance. I created lifelong friendships through ANYTOWN – and I can attest to it 9 years later!

Did ANYTOWN influence where you went to college, or your choice of major?

Absolutely! I was always interested in human relations, and ANYTOWN helped solidify my major in college – I double majored in Management and Society, and Psychology at UNC. Attending UNC with fellow ANYTOWNers made the transition to college so much easier, and helped me focus on extracurricular activities that supported community development.

How has ANYTOWN shaped your career choices?

After graduating from UNC, I moved to DC as a Culture and Engagement Associate (supporting Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Giving and Training) within HR at a Fortune 500 company. I moved back to Greensboro in 2017 to be closer to family and support my hometown community. I immediately started volunteering and working with NCCJ, which graciously and quickly helped me re-establish my community here in Greensboro. Currently, I work at Brown Investment Properties as a commercial real estate broker with the goal of growing, connecting, and fostering a diverse environment and community for individuals and businesses to flourish.

How has ANYTOWN shaped you as a person?

ANYTOWN has truly helped me develop into a strong leader, advocate, ally, and community member. I am constantly drawn to meeting new people and listening to their stories, their why. I thrive in social settings where I try to find similarities over differences – we always have something to share and learn from others! ANYTOWN continues to show up in my everyday life and I’m so thankful for the relationships I’ve built and the person I’ve become because of ANYTOWN.

What do you enjoy most about being an ANYTOWNer?

I mostly enjoy the community of ANYTOWNers – and wearing my ANYTOWN t-shirts with pride!

What would you say to a parent/guardian who is considering sending their child to ANYTOWN?

Your child will come back from ANYTOWN thanking you!

Why is it important for people to support ANYTOWN as donors and/or volunteers?

ANYTOWN cultivates future leaders! Donors and volunteers directly impact the development of our communities, and provide the resources for ANYTOWNers to create life-long memories, connections, and leadership skills.