Open Minds, Respectful Voices: Why it’s important to sign your name

Open Minds, Respectful Voices: Why it’s important to sign your name

May 28, 2020
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NCCJ’s board of directors (a diverse group of people from across the Triad community) invites you to join us in a new initiative that we’re calling Open Minds, Respectful Voices. It’s a set of Community Practices that represent a commitment to engaging in more respectful dialogue and actively listening to understand others’ perspectives.

Click here to learn all about Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative, add your name, and see who else in our community has signed.

What is Open Minds, Respectful Voices?

In recent times, we’ve noticed that some neighbors, friends, and even family members are struggling to have respectful conversations. They’re struggling to truly hear what the other person is saying. We’ve heard stories of disagreements, tension, and in some cases, complete disengagement from existing relationships. Friends who aren’t friends anymore. Family members who avoid each other.

We believe compassionate communities are effective communities.  To build the future we envision – a future where every community is a place of promise with opportunity and justice for all – we must all learn to engage with each other. If we can’t talk to each other with civility and respect, we won’t be able to find the common ground we need to live and work together.

That’s why we’re launching Open Minds, Respectful Voices. We hope you’ll take part in this shared effort to practice engaging with others to build community. Please join us in a common focus on these Community Practices.

Why should you sign?

We’re asking you to sign your name to these community practices. This isn’t a way to police each other; it’s a way to hold each other accountable and work together toward integrating these practices into our daily conversations and interactions. When you sign your name, you’re making a statement that you believe these commitments have value. You’re telling your friends and neighbors that you’ll work on practicing them in your own life.

In short, signing your name is just a way to say, “I’d like to practices these things to improve my communication.”

Here’s how we’ll use your information:

First, be assured that NCCJ will never share or sell your information. You have the option to sign these community practices anonymously. However, we hope you will choose to sign publicly. When you do, your name will be listed on NCCJ’s website. Your name may also be mentioned in connection with this initiative, including stories on NCCJ’s social media accounts and in any media coverage.

Finally, you can always change your mind. So if you signed publicly but later decide you no longer want your name to be listed, just email or call 336-272-0359 to speak with NCCJ’s staff so they can make that change for you.