Community Leader Spotlight: Mona Edwards

Community Leader Spotlight: Mona Edwards

July 15, 2020
Category: Open Minds Respectful Voices
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An African American woman wearing a grey blazer and pearls smiling in front of a grey background.

This is the first in a series of spotlights on community leaders in the Triad who have signed their names to NCCJ’s Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative to affirm their commitment to practicing the initiative’s 5 Community Practices in their daily conversations. NCCJ board member Mona Edwards of LIFT Coaching and Consulting explains why she signed her name and why these community practices are important to her:

Why did you sign on to the Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative, committing to the five Community Practices?

I signed because I believe it’s important for members of our community to talk with each other and understand different perspectives. These practices can help us do that more effectively.

What are you learning through your practice?

I am learning to be more fully present in the conversations and to remind myself to be open to listening and open to sharing.


What do you hope happens in our community as more people sign on to the Open Minds, Respectful Voices initiative, and commit to the five Community Practices?

I hope having a critical mass of people in our community using the practices will lead to more respectful dialogue, more community collaboration and greater success in developing and reaching community goals.


What advice do you have for others who are just starting to engage in these practices?

My advice is to begin – to just do it – and engage in this way. It may feel uncomfortable or even a bit scary at first. However, engaging one conversation at a time can make practicing become a habit.


Learn more about Open Minds, Respectful Voices and sign your name.