29-Day Reset: A Social Justice Journey

29-Day Reset: A Social Justice Journey

January 15, 2021
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NCCJ’s 29-Day Reset is an initiative to encourage you to make time and space for learning, unlearning, and rediscovering more effective social justice habits – including self-care and reflection.


For 29 days beginning January 15, 2021, NCCJ’s program manager María Perdomo will email you a daily task each morning, Monday through Friday. (No emails on weekends! We encourage you to use that time to rest and perhaps catch up on the past week’s tasks if you didn’t have time to do so during your workweek.) **Update: since we wrote this post, the Reset has become an ongoing program – that means you can sign up any time!**


Think of each task as a prompt for learning and reflection. Each of these tasks will include articles, podcasts and other resources. Each task is crafted to help you foster discussion, understanding, and awareness about the day’s features issue(s).

Why should I join NCCJ’s Reset?

2020 was a year of unrest on multiple levels of society. It was a year that challenged and changed the way we see ourselves – and each other.


After the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd sparked peaceful nationwide protests affirming that Black Lives Matter and demanding an end to racial injustice in policing, we also saw an increase in people seeking spaces where they could have conversations about race and various social justice issues. Books like “How to be an Antiracist” by Dr. Ibram X Kendi and “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo began to sell out in bookstores. At NCCJ, we experienced an unprecedented increase in demand for our diversity, equity and inclusion programs.


This 29-day Reset is here to help you revisit some of the conversations you may have started or amplified. We’ll dig deeper into different aspects of social justice like racial equity, gender equality and the power of language.


The topics we’ll be discussing have been carefully picked by our NCCJ Ambassadors, graduates of programs like ANYTOWN and STARR who care about making their communities more inclusive for all of us. Here’s a message for you from some of these students, sharing details about the social issues they care about and the impact NCCJ programs have had on their lives.

What happens if I sign up for the Reset after January 15?

You can sign up for the 29-Day Reset at any time! Just click here to sign up and we’ll send you a link to view all past daily tasks.

Questions? Email María.