We mourn and celebrate Nora Carr

We mourn and celebrate Nora Carr

July 6, 2022
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We are deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Dr. Nora Carr.  Our thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.

To us, Nora was a loyal and beloved friend, a supportive mentor, and an extraordinary champion for inclusion and justice.

As a visionary leader and a steadfast partner in our work to build more just and compassionate communities, Nora made a lasting impact on NCCJ.

Her daughter Tara’s time at Anytown in 2011 was such a transformative experience that it inspired Nora to volunteer her time and talent in support of NCCJ’s mission and work. She served two full terms as an NCCJ board member (2013-2019), chairing the board in 2016-17.

In her role at NCCJ, just as in her career with Guilford County Schools and her many volunteer roles with youth-serving organizations across our community, Nora was dedicated to removing barriers and providing access to opportunity for young people of all backgrounds.

Nora constantly pushed NCCJ as an organization to lean into our mission and make bold decisions that advanced our work on issues of justice, inclusion and equity.

Nora speaking on stage at NCCJ’s 2016 Citation Award Dinner. Other 2016-17 board members stand behind her, and NCCJ Youth Ambassadors stand at the front.

During her time on NCCJ’s board, she played played a key role in modernizing and reshaping our approach to communications and public relations, including serving on the marketing task for that helped come up with NCCJ’s new “look” when we rebranded in 2019.

We mourn for Nora and celebrate her extraordinary life and work.

“She was an equity warrior and fought so diligently and passionately for children.” – Dr. Sharon Contreras

As Guilford County Schools’ Chief of Staff for more than 13 years, Nora made a tremendously positive difference in countless lives. She had a particular passion for ensuring that policies and practices addressed the needs of often overlooked students, including LGBTQ+ children and children with exceptional needs.

Our community is stronger and our children’s futures are brighter because of Nora’s passionate leadership and unfailing dedication to equitable access and opportunities in education. 

Nora’s impact will endure. That’s because the work she set in motion continues, carried forth by the many people she befriended, mentored and inspired.